Fuel Pricing
Derisc provides practical advice to help our clients understand fuel pricing elements
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Fuel Supply Chain
Derisc presents a fuel supply chain advisory service that reduces the complexity.
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Oil Price Risk Management
Derisc can offer you greater certainty in oil price outcome.
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Oil Trading Services
Derisc's Spot Trader service assists fuel terminal operators and infrastructure developers.
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Serving fuel consumers, fuel distributors, infrastructure developers, upstream crude oil producers... Derisc creates bespoke strategies that deliver value.

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About Derisc
Derisc leverages deep oil industry expertise and an extensive global network of contacts across the Energy and Resources industry. Derisc specializes in providing energy advisory services... More about Derisc
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Sandra Chin
Sandra: subject matter expert in both crude oil and petroleum products.
Sandra has been working in the oil industry in Australia and Singapore since 1995. More about Sandra
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David Cowper
David: deep understanding of the mining value chain.
David has worked in the resources industry in Australia since 1975. More about David